St.Lucia's General Election 2011 FB Group

St.Lucia's General Election is November 28th, 2011. For those who live abroad, and want to keep abreast of the latest breaking political news and discussions, I suggest that you follow the Facebook Group: SAINT LUCIA'S GENERAL ELECTION TWENTY ELEVEN. The local WIKILEAKS of sorts!

Here are examples of discussions on this board:

"I strongly believe that the people who say that they are not voting because both parties are the same and they do not see either as a viable option are nothing else but UWP hacks. Born and bred UWPs whose conscience and reasoning does not allow them to endorse the nonsensical governance of the last 5 years but because of family background/ ties they can never allow themselves to vote SLP. What I resent, is them trying to paint the two parties with the same brush. The SLP stands head and shoulders above the UWP of today (which is very different from the UWP of John Compton). One look at what the SLP was able to achieve in its term in office vs. this government and the difference will be obvious. One look at the plans of the SLP and the lack thereof of the UWP and the difference will be more than obvious. One look at the level of governance under the SLP and the scandal after scandal of this government and even Jim Coco Snow will be able to see the difference. If you choose not to vote for better governance for your country, the restoration of pride in your country; and a better, brighter future for your country, because you were "born yellow" that is your prerogative. Just do NOT EVER try to put the SLP in the same category as the UWP." - Minerva Ward

"Do you think our people understand fully what it means by buying votes? When I saw Richard Frederick dropping Hennessy on the blocks in exchange for vote Saturday afternoon." - Frank Charles

Another site, I've been following is The Choiseul PowerHouse.


  1. Well said Minerva. People in the diaspora may not have a good grasp of what's happening at home. If they were to ask
    1. What provisions were made by this Gov't for the secondary school students who graduated during their term in office to be actively engaged in meaningful employment soon after leaving school or,
    2. What had been done to create targeted long term employment for people trained in various fields or with various talents or
    3. What was done to help the small businesses retain staff whilst dealing with the unprecedented high energy cost and lull in economic activity over he last 4 years or
    4. What was done to continue the last administration's effort to empower poor people by helping them get title to a reasonable allotment of land from what they had been occupying for years or,
    5. What was done to keep the tariff component of the high electricity bills down so as to help the highly energy dependent customers stay afloat or,
    6. What was done to ensure Gov't officials were always deserving of the the Title "Honourable" and lived as role models to the youth or,
    7. What was done to help the social and moral standing of St. Lucia at a time when crime is at an all time high or,
    8. What measures were put in place to motivate and assure foreign investors that St. Lucia remained a very viable option for long term investments or,
    9. What was done to modernise and empower our Library & research centres so as to better serve the youth hungry for knowledge or,
    10. What was done to develop on Universal Health Care?

    My friends in the diaspora the response would be absolutely nothing! There are some things that are already put in place and even without an effective head in St. Lucia, public servants would go to work and the country would function albeit poorly and for a short term. When assessing a Government's performance, I look for the facts and the evidence of creativity, innovation, birth of meaningful legislation, seeing enacted legislation through, ability to stimulate the economy, empowering masses, being self sustainable and ability to protect, citizens.

    When poor people were given a chance to have Title to lands under the last administration through the "PROUD" programme, I witnessed traditionally irresponsible fathers trying their very best to secure loans for the purchase of these lands. Soon after I saw them mortgaging the land to improve their homes and continue their children's education (very evident at La Resource, V/Fort). I saw them mortgaging the land to become more productive farmers and dodging bar colleagues to ensure that their loans are paid. The banks were doing good business, people were helping the economy, avoiding bad health habits and channelling our young energies in the right direction. Over the past four years, all we've seen is "hand-to-mouth" where people can't even face Courts far less the Credit Unions or banks. The Ti Canal projects come with Kick-backs to the Ministers who award them and the money is short term.

    It has been a sad 4years in St. Lucia albeit we sit quietly and await November 28.

  2. .. And very well said to you too, 758YUTE!