5 Day Flat Belly Fit Challenge

Natalie Jill Fit's 5 Day Flat Belly Challenge

Get it in Monday through Friday!

Do each exercise for as long as you can .... 

DAY 1 
For today: 1⃣ Planks- keep your core tight and focus on keeping your back straight to avoid that "C" curve in that lower back. Tuck your pelvis UNDER to avoid lower back pain and to strengthen that core. 2⃣ Cheek to Cheek Planks- a form of plank variation rotating your hips from side to side keeping your core tight 3⃣“Up Up Down Downs”- switch back and forth between plank and pushup position keeping your core tight 4⃣Plank Knee Tucks - alternate side to side bringing your knee to your chest 

1⃣Side Plank- Leaning on your forearm, keep your core tight and your hips off the floor 2⃣Side Plank Dips- Holding the side plank position, dip your hip towards the floor and back up holding your core tight 3⃣Side Plank Knee Lifts- in the side plank position, tuck your knee to your elbow 4⃣Side Plank Tucks- holding the side plank position, use your free hand to reach through the space between your body and the floor 

1⃣Toe Touch Pike- laying on your back, keeping your legs and arms straight, bring your hands to your toes engaging your core 2⃣Reverse Crunch Booty Lifts - keeping your legs straight, point your toes and lift your booty off the floor pulsing your toes towards the ceiling. Keep the c curve in your lower back FLAT…pushing it into the ground 3⃣ Flutter Kicks- keeping your legs straight, point your toes and cross your feet one over another back and forth to emulate a "flutter" . AGAIN Keep the c curve in your lower back FLAT…pushing it into the ground 4⃣Windshield Wipers- bending at the waist, keep your legs straight and "wipe" your legs from side to side like a wind shield wiper • Ab Shimmies- put your hands on the floor and reach towards your feet from side to side 

1⃣ Superman Walk Outs- start from standing up and walk yourself out to a plank position with one last "reach", walk yourself up and then switch sides 2⃣Side Plank Kick and Reach- hold a side plank, lift your leg, lift your arm and hold 3⃣Inch Worm Crawls- much like the super man walk outs, start standing, walk yourself out with your hands and then walk your feet to your hands, repeat 4⃣Plank Tucks- in a plank position, jump and tuck your legs underneath you and jump back out, repeat

1⃣Ab Lean Backs: on your knees, keeping your core engaged and your arms out in front of you, lean back 2⃣ Plank Fly Kicks- hold a plank and kick your leg back and tuck it in to your chest, repeat on both sides 3⃣Mountain Climbers- hold a plank position and "run" , alternate tucking your feet into your chest 4⃣Low Bicycles- lay on your back, keep your core engaged and focus on keeping your back flat to the floor, getting rid of the "C" curve, alternate bringing opposite knees to your chest 

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