Machel Montano Keynote Speaker @ Florida Caribbean Students Association Leadership Conference

Look who is heading to my old college, Miami Dade College, North Campus ('though I went to the Kendall Campus from 1996 to 1998. Best school ever. Loved it more than FIU!), International Music Ambassador, Machel Montano. 

The Trinidad & Tobago, KING of SOCA will serve as the keynote speaker of the 40th Annual Florida Caribbean Students Association Leadership Conference on Saturday, April 5th. The Conference will be staged under the theme, “Empowering the Next Generation of Caribbean Leaders.”

I am all too familiar with the Caribbean Student Association since I was an active member during my time at Miami Dade College. As a then newcomer to school and life in the United States, the organization quickly enabled me to unify with other Caribbean students at Miami Dade College. Thanks to my involvement with CSA, I amassed more friends through out the Caribbean, including Belize and Nicaragua than I had even met even while living eighteen years prior in the Caribbean, where I was exposed only to my people, St.Lucians. Our CSA organization welcomed and educated non-Caribbean background (hence students from Belize and Nicaragua) and Caribbean culture students

Nowadays, I still can't go to a Diamond Vale / Vale Vibe fete and not be gracious to see my first CSA President, Ian (and his wife, Nyree ... yes, same name as me). Ian set the standard and example for us, CSA students. I remember Marissa too, she was the mother hen when I was an eighteen year old freshman. When they left, my group of friends took over the reigns. I was even elected Secretary of CSA in my second year. 

Back then, DJ Irie who is now the official DJ of the Miami Heat, was like DJ Khaled, obtainable, and not the celebrities which they are today. DJ Irie was usually our house DJ for our little parties and BBQ gatherings, and side tables of students playing dominoes. Ohh the memories of M-DC and CSA. I have the biggest smile because I still have my clique, Daniel, Janine and Alisha. My Trinidadian friend Alisha set the pace for my love affair of carnival, she popped my Trinidad & Tobago carnival cherry by inviting me with her in 2003. ... And we are always gearing up for another carnival elsewhere. SMH. Life. Our little introduction in CSA over a decade ago built a long time friendship which set me on a path of even writing this blog. *Tickled pink*

For more info about Machel's visit, click here.

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