St.Lucia Carnival 2014: Just 4 Fun Video Teaser

Just 4 Fun What Lies Within 2014 teases ... Refreshing to see the color change in Just 4 Fun 2014. Vivid colors and combinations. A few color combinations like the orange and pink remind me of color combinations from Trinidad & Tobago. I absolutely love the color combos and can already see the energy of the band coming down the road. 

The accessories are cute. I love costumes which offer accessories that may have a life beyond carnival. I have my eye on that snake-like bluish arm cuff and the coin headpiece. Not only do I spot the return of the wire bra but I see an orange spider panty. 

Just 4 Fun signatures like the fedora hat and black costume return. Thankfully, their black costume is not their typical black and white combination with a fedora. Instead their 2014 black costume is revamped and accented with pops of neon colors. No fedora this time but a feathered head piece. Even its neon neckpiece seems like it will have a life of its own after carnival too. LOL. 

I look forward to seeing the entire costume pictures in the coming week. 

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