Scorpio Season - Birthday Vibes: Addicted II Fyah

It's no ordinary Scorpio season, apart from Jupiter, the planet that governs growth, abundance, good fortune and overindulgence transits my sign for the next 13 months, I am also turning 40!

While I took forever to finalize my birthday plans, my most simplistic plans entail wearing black through out the season. And slightly extra, Mrs. "you're too vain" is hustling on a body that allows me to pose half way naked with just a bottle of bubbly in hand by my actual birthday! When I share my seemingly THOT plans, the following question is "who is your photographer?" LOL.

Decisive plans include(d) celebrating the birthdays of people I quite love and admire in Toronto which resulted in me opening up Scorpio season there, with intentions to return for another friend's big birthday.

Last weekend, I had a blast at Dream Resto Lounge's 'Everything Spicy' event celebrating my cousin Nichelle's birthday; sippin' on vodka-tonics, dancing like no one was watching, on par with 20 somethings and clubin' with the best, most random Toronto crew a girl could ask for.

When I finally managed to pull away from the dance floor, you know when the bar is already shut down, the lights keep flashing on, a gradual indication party done, I finally headed out the club, a young man handed me a CD. He suggested that I would enjoy a dancehall CD. And I gladly accepted his suggestion since I hardly listen to dancehall anyway, due to the mere fact, I have no idea how to stay current with the genre.

I have been pumping the promotional CD ADDICTED 2 FYAH [EXTENDED CD MIX] @FYAHBLAZIIN (OCT 2017) since returning home and figured it was every bit worth sharing. And believe me, if I was headed back to Toronto on November 3rd, you'd more than likely find me creating another memorable Scorpio season movie at the Boss Club! Maybe you can catch me on my second round. *WINK*

BTW: I had a flashback as I typed CLUBBIN' earlier:

Happy Scorpio Season!

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