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My April 1st post, 'Pre-Poo' introduced me to Macherieamour's blog, Healthy Textures: A Do-It-Yourself Approach to Healthier Hair.

Prior to April 1st, I was seriously contemplating cutting my tresses at the end of April. Now thanks to the Healthy Textures' Social Network I have started my hair journey. My goal is stronger, healthier and even longer hair.

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Visit Macherieamour's blog, Healthy Textures: A Do-It-Yourself Approach to Healthier Hair & join Healthy Textures' Social Network which is a wealth of free information about hair care, from women like you and me.

Petitmaui, a member of the Healthy Textures' Social Network says it best, "I really appreciate the honesty that all the women on this webpage display in regards to their hair regimen. I've asked many women in the past whom I have noticed that they have beautiful hair "What do you do to get your hair looking so healthy and beautiful?" They always reply saying that "Oh I don't do anything to my hair it's just naturally like this." It's so refreshing to see that I'm not the only person who spends hours washing, treating and maintaining my hair. You ladies are all an inspiration to the many young black women out there who have always been told that you have to be either white, mixed or hispanic to have gorgeous hair."

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  1. Girl, when I discovered this site on your page I immediately signed up. I have gone through the boy cuts, the long hair, the 5 different colours in my hair at one time. This year I decided that instead of the wash and wear approach, I was going to attempt to actually take care of my hair, and grow it back to the length it was when I was 'younger' and needed no help in the health and length dept. Now that I actually WANT the long tresses, it is very frustrating that my hair won't grow like a weed like before. I would put my new regime (as of two weeks ago) up on here, but I figured I could do that on the site. I know one product that I love. MISS JESSIE'S products for curls kinks and waves. They worked wonders to keep my hair tame,a and smelled like bubble gum, pina colada and coco butter. I have 3 of her products. So for people with curly hair, try it out

    PS: FOUR HOUR Conditioning? Should I try that????