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Troy Marshall never misses Trini(dad) Carnival and always jumps with TRIBE Carnival Band. I suppose that's how we know each other. LOL! Although we are in each others' friend networks (MSN, Hi5 & Facebook), we have never been formally introduced but we do have a handful of friends in common.

Troy had a section of a larger Miami Carnival band for the past three years. In 2007, he and others started, Island Elite Mas with six sections, but unfortunately this year the group does not have the resources to continue Island Elite Mas.

Troy Marshall was a computer science major who discovered his creative side when he started to take digital photographs to promote parties for "Big Phat Fish" in Miami, Florida. Troy started to focus on action shots of Big Phat Fish party-goers while other Miami party websites mostly took posed-traditional pictures.

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Troy's hobby was further inspired by positive feedback for his 'action shots' of party goers and the satisfaction of getting a great spontaneous shot. Troy's first camera was a Kyocera, now he uses a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. About 70% of his early photography was taken with a Sony Cybershot.

Troy prefers action shots because they are impromptu. "Action shots tell more of a story and show more emotion than the posed shot. I take shots from unorthodox angles, looking for emotion in faces, creative lighting and so on. Remember I think of myself more of an artist than a traditional photographer," he explains.

Without any formal training (although Troy is registering for his first class this summer), Troy continues to perfect his craft by taking random snaps of still life and scenery, getting unique angles or shadows of just everyday things, both in nature and man-made.

"So far I like taking photos of inanimate objects. I think because I dont have call them up and ask permission. Haha," he jokes.

So far he has mostly photographed club parties and small family events. "I guess 'cause most people don't know I do photography as a serious hobby. I'm hoping at some point it can earn me some sort of income," he admits.

Contact Troy if you need photography or image touch-ups:

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Troy Marshall

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