Sex & The City Lingerie by Cosabella

In an effort to be most like their favorite Sex & The City character, women around the world have been drinking cosmopolitans, indulging their hopeless romantic side, and buying expensive shoes. Now you can take it one step further!

Cosabella has designed a collection of lingerie based on each of the show’s four characters – Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda. “The concept is ‘What kind of woman are you?”

Which Sex and the City Character Are You?

You are Charlotte. Fairytales were made for you. You've had your share of heartbreak, but that doesn't stop you from opening your heart to others and searching for your happily-ever-after. To some, you may appear naive and your romantic ideals far-fetched, but you know that someday, your Prince will come.
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Hard to believe since she is so prissy ... I am a Charlotte!

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The Sex & The City Lingerie by Cosabella

Carrie Collection
Carefree and fabulous with a truly romantic take on love and life. Her style is that of a devotedly fashion forward fashionista with a whimsical, eclectic style all her own.

Samantha Collection
Scintilliating and successful with a knock of getting what and who she wants. Makes her statement with bold colors and racy ensembles to show off her bombshell personality.

Charlotte Collection
Endearing and a true romantic with a refreshingly optimistic outlook. Her perfect sense of fashion complements her feminine chic style as well as her sweet and girlish side

Miranda Collection
Independent, focused and matter-of-fact with a biting wit and a hidden but resillient soft side. Her professional look melts into sexy dresses and rich colors after hours.

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