The music in IMEEM player in this feature is music that I love, but just imagine my surprise when I realized that all the music is by the same artiste. ...And now I am enamored! How sexy too, to be totally comfortable with all that you are.

Notch (born Norman Hovvell in Hartford, Connecticut) is the former lead vocalist and creative force behind the hip-hop & reggae riddim machine Born Jamericans. The dynamic duo group was one of the pioneers to introduce reggae to mainstream America in the early nineties. Notch became a solo artist in 1998 when the group separated.

Notch is fluent in American English, Jamaican Creole, and Spanish is not committed to any one genre. Notch's sound is a musical reflection of his own eclectic multi-cultural background. Notch's mother is Native American Indian, Portugese & African American, his father is Jamaican, his father was Cuban and his siblings, aunts and uncles are Puerto Rican & Black.

His mother always encouraged him to pursue his talent to be an entertainer, and his father, a professional bass player who introduced him to the world of reggae music, and always encouraged him to tap into his Latin roots. His artistic evolution, which masterfully fuses genres such as Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Latin, Reggaeton, Alternative, and Pop.

Notch says it best “I am an artist that is committed to become one of the many musical bridges, connecting cultures of the world together through my musical fusions derived from my diverse cultural backgrounds."

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Notch has reached into his rich heritage, introducing a new generation to “Spatoinglish” a unique combination of Spanish, English, and Patois. A notable example of his “Spatoinglish” fusion was his tropical sounding track “Verme” featuring by Baby Ranks.

He also digged into his reggae roots with the solo title track “Nuttin Nuh Go So” on the Buy Out riddim, popularly known as the reggae riddim, Sean Paul’s “Like Glue” was featured on, he can also be heard on Grammy Award winner Beenie Man’s previously released album, on the track titled “Pure Pretty Gal.”

From Jazz to Alternative, he worked with Brand New Heavies on their jazzy rare groove Brazilian Portuguese rhythm “Carnival” and with currently dismembered Alternative Rock group, Sublime on their song “Open Road.” He was also featured on the acid jazz fusion group Thievery Corporation’s song “The Richest Man in Babylon”.

Verme - Notch

Que Te Pica - Notch

Music by Notch

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  1. mmm mmm mmm! I just started listening to this guy and I'm a Jamaican native loving his smooth flow!