3 Favorite 2010 Summer Scents

During the winter months I love a very powerful scent, rather intoxicating.  Funny, 'cause I want my perfume to pull you in.  I generally love French perfume, particularly perfumes by Givenchy.  Organza By Givenchy For Women has to be my favorite Givenchy perfume.  Then, a winter night out is incomplete without Jaipur By Boucheron.  In the day or night, I use Carol's Daughter Almond Cookie Almond Cookie  scent.

How about when you're going on vacation and carry one or two fragrances with you?  Such is the case with sakura oil (which I got in Thailand) and J'adore By Christian Dior  which remind me of Jamaica and Trinidad respectively. So wearing these purely take me back to those places in spirit. 

How about perfume gifts received that you would not ordinarily choose for yourself?  And that was the case with J.LO fragrances (J. Lo Glow After Dark  and Glow By Jennifer Lopez), I am not particularly a fan but I do get compliments every time I do wear them. I will admit that Miami Glow By Jennifer Lopez , I liked much.  

Yet, in the summer months I want light, fresh and more masculine (such as Ralph Lauren (Glamourous and  Romance). I love floral, fruity (Carol's Daughter Mango Melange Collection), tropical (Miami Glow By Jennifer Lopez or Carol's Daughter Ocean Collection) and ginger scents (face, skin and hair).

Here are my 3 Summer 2010 Favorites

UPDATE after doing a Fragrance Test, my results are so me.

You might like Oriental Fragrances
Fearless and slightly mysterious, you're drawn to things that are unique, luxurious, and sexy. You like to be in-the-know when it comes to trends, and you're always up for trying something new. This means you need a statement-making fragrance that is rich and instantly recognizable. The sensual notes in oriental scents like amber, patchouli, musk, and vanilla stand out because they're warm and rich. These fragrances are often mixed with bold flower scents like tuberose and jasmine, and can be enhanced with spices or sweetened with sugary notes.

You might also like Fresh Fragrances
Energetic, low-maintenance, and fun are three words that people typically use to describe you. You're equal parts grown-up tomboy and flirty heartbreaker. This indicates you need an effervescent sparkling scent to match your outgoing personality. "Fresh" scents are loaded with zesty fruits, such as lemon, lime, and grapefruit, plus crisp greens, such as fresh-cut grass and violet leaves. Some also have refreshing water-based aromas, reminiscent of the beach.

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