Stockings vs Fishnets

It's Carnival Season and "The Great Debate: Stockings" arises again. To wear or not to wear? That is the question.

'Though I've gone through many carnivals without wearing stockings, just bare skin.  For Trinidad Carnival 2010, I wore them. By the end of both days, particularly Carnival Tuesday my stockings were a hot mess. I had so many runs which eventually became major holes.  My only saving grace was the known voice in my head that ensured me, "If my stockings are any indication of the fun time I had, then I'd have to say I'd a real' good time on the road!"

Of course, stockings with runs are so not sexy. Even Saucy, of Trinidad Carnival Diary has suggested applying clear nail polish to tiny snags, preventing further runs. The best advice after that carnival, then came from Rachel Price who suggested, "Put on 2 pairs of stockings" in her video, "Trinidad Carnival Tuesday 2010 Experience". She described, "stockings with a set of ladders!" Just watch the video from the 50 minute mark. Funny.

So while HUNTING for the perfect stockings recently. I just had a flashback of 2010 soca, HUNTING by BLAXX.  It's like that chorus was made for me and stockings.
Doh run, I coming for you
Whole day I hunting, every night I hunting
I see something in here that I want ...

I was inspired by friends who usually wears fishnets on the road instead of stockings.  I don't think in all their many carnivals have I seen a torn fishnet.  ... And I was thinking with the many hours spent in the hot sun and heat, that fishnets, are the way to go. Breathing room, yet still containing thighs. Also another excuse, to wear them other than Halloween.

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