KARMA Carnival Band Launch Presents Once Upon A Carnival - Labor Day/NYC

KARMA Carnival Band presents for 2010:

Last year, 2009, KARMA Carnival Band began their journey into the annals of carnival history by literally celebrating our arrival with an inaugural portrayal entitled “Celebrations”. It was a commemoration of nature, happiness and tradition that translated into a burst of color, splendor and excitement on Eastern Parkway inBrooklynNY, the renowned home of the West Indian American Day Carnival, held annually on Labor Day, the first Monday in September.

KARMA is a small band founded by a group of young, hard working, talented and spirited individuals with a love for the Caribbean carnival culture who felt that for too long masqueraders had been treated as less than first priority by many other bands and as avid carnival enthusiasts for many years we felt a need to step up and provide an alternative. We wanted to represent every masquerader out there who’d been left feeling disappointed by their carnival experience, whether it had to do with their costume or service or fun factor and had just felt like they didn’t get their monies worth. For many masqueraders, ourselves included, asked to describe their carnival experiences, the range of responses would most times be interjected with a but, “I enjoyed this but …” “that was a nice touch but …”, carnival should be an enjoyable experience, point blank, no ifs, buts or maybes about it and we believed it was time for a change in the mood of mas and so began the story and journey of KARMA Carnival Band. The team’s collective and unified aim was to offer a more intimate and personal carnival experience where professionalism and quality in the product delivered to each individual masquerader from start to finish is of utmost importance. We also sought to provide a high level of customer service, enjoyment and overall safety, all at an unbeatable price, that our masqueraders would appreciate and keep coming back for year after year. We’re proud to say that the feedback from our masqueraders and even sideline spectators since the end of the 2009 Labor Day Carnival season has been overwhelmingly positive and we believe that it is testimony to the hard work put in to deliver on our promises and achieve our goals.

2009 was a storied season for KARMA as we hit some very commendable and major highlights for a band only in its first year. Key among those milestones was an appearance on major network television WPIX-TV Channel 11 for a morning news show segment; teaming up with the award winning Mastamind Productions on a collaborative promotional endeavor; and having cable network Bravo TV in tow on the Parkway shooting footage of the band in action for one of their reality television shows that was scheduled to premiere in the Spring of 2010. However, of all of last year’s accomplishments, none could compare to seeing our masqueraders out in all their costumed glory having a great time and bringing the portrayal to life along the full length of the parade route for the viewing pleasure of the millions of spectators reported to have been in attendance.

It was a labor of love producing our 2009 portrayal and it was a pleasure serving our masqueraders. Moving forward, the future success of the band will require us taking stock of the lessons of the first season, learning from and correcting the slip ups and maintaining and even improving on where we went right. Over the past months we’ve been doing just that and the small but mighty KARMA Carnival Band is proud to announce that we are now primed and ready for the 2010 season. Our goal once again this carnival season will be to provide professional and unrivaled service, guaranteed fun and assured quality at a sound price and in a safe environment.

This year, 2010, KARMA Carnival Band is taking you on a fairytale journey into the carnival past of a little island in the sun in a portrayal entitled “Once Upon A Carnival”. It is said that you don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. That being the case we’re presenting a modern day interpretation inspired by whence this tradition of carnival came from. This is mas then, now. The tale begins to unfold on June 5th and we welcome and encourage all past and prospective masqueraders to karma-long and join us in the pursuit of this story’s happily ever after as it culminates in a robust cultural experience down Eastern Parkway come Monday September 6th

Saturday, June 5th
eSavoy Lounge
2192 Flatbush Ave (between Quentin & Ave R)
6-10 PM

Go see the showcase of this year’s costumes. Band Registration available immediately following the costume presentation. Also take advantage of their month long discounts.

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