VAJ News - Pelvic Exerciser

The Luxury Spot referenced The Sweet 7 on crystal adornment of the vajajay and introduced us to the term "VAJAZZLE," which then started the vajazzle chitter chatter. They're back, crediting themselves as the site, we can count on for all VAJ news. Where the hell have I been? There are Vajacials and Clitter. And WARNING there seems to be more.

They had great pleasure presenting this next VAJ product, which I proudly present to you, the Berman Center Juno Weighted Pelvic Exerciser $20.

"This fabulous lucite thingamabobber is like a hybrid between a dildo and dumbells: put it in, feel the burn (wait, that came out wrong). This will take your daily Kegels to a whole new, weighted level that will leave your pelvic muscles toned and tight.

In other words, if you love your boyfriend, don’t just hit the elliptical for a nice ass- hit the Berman for a strong vaj. No one likes a loosie goosie." - The Luxury Spot

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