I am not a huge fan of department stores, though I've worked as a Tommy Hilfiger supervisor. I suppose that's where I got some of my preppy-look training. I love one stop shopping, that includes Walmart, but I LOVE MARSHALLS. 

This weekend, I scored some hot dresses, all under $20. Under $20, 'cause the most expensive was $19.99. The rest were $14.99, $12.99 and under.  I swear if I were not in Vermont now, and my current location where the internet is a nuisance ... I would post pictures of all my bargains. I'm confident, when I put each dress on, I'll look like a million dollars.  Basically on-lookers, will have no clue.

The best find were those Michael Antonio booties. Cost $15.99.  Can you scream ... orgasmic? The heel is about 5 inches and pointy.  While I joked, "I hope that I don't bust my behind when I wear them," my dad joked he hoped that I would not kick anyone with them. Scary thought, but was my dad insinuating that I'm violent?  LMAO.

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