I Can't Palance in These ...

It's D.C Carnival this weekend and the fetin' (partyin') starts from tomorrow night. So last night in bed, while I'm thinking about outfits, my attention obviously moves towards my feet, my shoes.  Oh no.  I'm scared now, "Cause I cah (can't) palance in these!"  

Palance is not a soca you can plant your feet in the ground and just take a wine, 10 inches from the ground, neither can I just pretend to palance.  It's a soca, that requires you to go all in.  LOL! ... And since, I ain't a sneaker chick, I just may have to pass on the palancin'.    

...And if I do, expect me to crash my face into the ground or report broken legs next week.  OMG, what if I stab someone on the dance floor?  LOL!


  1. ive invented a social Palance Dance....it involves large hand movements and twisting sideways so the rushing crowd doesnt crush you to death..lol. My sister laughs at me...but im not sacrificing my heels..lol

  2. looks like you may have to do a quick run to the mall for some more comfortable wedges or something. i'll b at some of the very same fete's as you so if i see you limping around i'll know why lol!