End of the party for Princess's playmate as Lord Glenconner, 83, dies in St Lucia

Princess Margaret’s great friend and confidante Lord Glenconner has died on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

The former owner of Mustique passed away last Friday after saying he felt unwell. He was 83 years old. Lord Glenconner’s wife, Lady Anne Coke, said ‘He had cancer for some time. I recently spent two weeks with him in St Lucia. I am going out as soon as I can with all the family. He is going to be buried in St Lucia. We are having the service there as he made his life in the West Indies. Later on we will have a memorial at his family home – The Glen in Peebles in Scotland.

Born Colin Christopher Paget Tennant, the 3rd Baron Glenconner led the early life of a conventional aristocrat – Eton, followed by Oxford University and a stint in the Irish Guards. He then joined the family firm, C Tennant & Sons, once the largest chemical company in the world and the forerunner of ICI. But in the mid-Fifties he was on a tour of the family estates in Trinidad when he heard that the island of Mustique, in the Grenadines, was for sale. He cabled his father, the 2nd Baron, requesting permission to buy it for £45,000.

In his last ever interview with The Mail on Sunday last December, he recalled: ‘My father cabled that it was OK to buy it if it had plenty of water. It had no fresh water but I bought it anyway. The Tennant in me loves a deal.’

Tennant’s family motto is Deus Dabit Vela – ‘God will fill the sails’. Mustique was then a rocky, mosquito-infested outcrop, three-and-a-half miles long, with no roads or electricity, but the aristocrat would turn it into one of the world’s most exclusive destinations.

Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Jemima Khan, Prince William and Bill Gates have owned homes or stayed on the island, but it was its association with Princess Margaret for which it became most famous.

Tennant had once been tipped as a suitor for the young Princess. Instead she married the society photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones and in 1960 they spent part of their honeymoon on Mustique.

Source: UK Daily Mail
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