The Makeup Diet

The Makeup Diet
Kimara Ahnert’s Makeup Tips to Make You Look Thinner

If you have gained a few pounds or even if you just have a naturally round face, believe it or not, you can use makeup to your advantage and dramatically slim down your face with cosmetics. According to celebrity makeup artist Kimara Ahnert, you can look 5 to 10 pounds thinner without even going on a diet. It only takes a few tricks of the trade.

To Fake A Thin Face
Apply your foundation as usual and then apply either a taupe shadow for fair skin or a dark brown shadow for dark skin to contour your cheeks.
Find the natural contour of your cheek and apply the shadow at a slight angle, blending toward your ear.
Take a blush, either soft pink for fair skin or berry for dark skin, and apply it to the apples of your cheeks.
Finally, take a large fluffy brush and blend away any streaky or hard lines.

To Get the Skinny on Your Forehead
Use a bronzer at the temples and sides of your forehead to make your forehead appear narrow instantly.

Disguise Double Chins
To disguise a double chin, shade under your jaw line.
Blending is key as you don’t’ want to see where the contouring lines begin and end.

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