Tanya Asked ... My Workout/ Diet Tips

Let me start by saying that as for workout tips, I wish I had some perfect secret, unfortunately I do not.  But when Tanya sent me the email below, it forced me to get to thinking.  Before I knew it, it inspired this post.  LOL!

Good Day Sweet 7

So I am an avid reader and follower of your blog though I rarely post anything. My blogger name is ..... In any case, I saw you at Indigo in DC this June but I was too shy to come up and introduce myself which was strange considering the amount of alcohol I had ingested by then. LOL

I always wanted to ask you, if you don't mind sharing, what exactly is your workout routine. Your body looks amazing especially considering that you have a child. I have no motivation to work out but I know that I need to get on the ball with Trinidad carnival fast approaching. I would be so grateful for any tips you can share.


(pic 2005)

And to all, I hope I inspire you to try something.  So Tanya here goes ... 

As a child, I was very much the tomboyish type.  ... And still today, with a lil' sexy. Before  I hit the age of 9 years old (1989), I remember the days of being basically the only girl in the neighborhood, always outdoors, cutting the boys A double S, climbing trees, or hitting a cricket ball, or racing down a hill, or popping a wheelie, ohhhh and standing up and pissing like the boys too, rather than to run to anyone's house to use a bathroom!  LOL!

When I was nine, suddenly the liberty of going outside to play with the boys was taken away by dad.  His then excuse was that I had to concentrate on my studies, since that was the age I had to do common entrance to get into a secondary school. Thinking about it, it was also the coming of age, the menstrual cycle.  So who knows with my protective dad.   

Looking back at my habits, both physical and emotional, I am most health conscious when I am content with life or my current situation. So much so, that exercise becomes a non-issue.  Food, well more so eating, also does not become an emotional past time.  My mind is clear and I focus on more pleasant things ... enjoying life.  ... And enjoying life, also means that I have no problem indulging in so-called bad foods, but I eat then out of enjoyment, not stress!  My attitude is one of light heartedness ... rather one of being lazy, or finding excuses, drowning in my sorrows!

'Though, I believe the time period from 1996 to 1998 set me on a course that has left me in such fairly great shape today!   I can whip myself into shape in an instant today ... without having to do much, over rather short periods of time.  

In 1996, I left high school and started to work with my parents, a regular work day shift.  I'd be the first to open the business, but certainly the first to leave once that clock hit 4:30PM. I also loved my then relationship with a then ex-boyfriend.  ... But it took one night while laying in bed in the dark, and watching  BET's Video Soul with the gorgeous green-eyed Donnie Simpson and Sherry Carter for me to notice the unthinkable. With just the light from the television, my thighs were highlighted, and in  my childhood bedroom, I could see ripples.  Yes, cellulite.

While dressing for work that next morning (back then I used to wake up by 4AM),  I decided to give ESPN a test run. Basically, I wanted to see exactly which instructive style suited me best. Those were the days of Denise Austin and Gilad. For some reason, neither seemed to peak my interest. They bored me actually with their exotic locales and annoying voices and accents. 

Yet, I still stuck to ESPN and began to focus on  a group of 4 or 5 instructors. Their show was ESPN Fitness Pros (BUY). In the beginning, I just watched, as each instructor focused on particular body parts, using scientific names, explaining how particular muscles worked, etc ... and the instruction ranged from aerobics, to weights, fast to slow paced ... step aerobics. After, a few mornings of observation, and hearing them taunt me, "GET UP OFF THAT COUCH!"  ... so in my case, I was on my bed,  I decided, "Alright, I could do this!"  ... And although, I watched this group of 5 instructors via my tv screen, they became alot more than just instructors.  Even CRUNCH Fitness inspired me, as that program had a drumming aerobic session!

Before I knew it, not only was I exercising alongside, but I would record the morning shows too.  When I'd return from work on an afternoon, I'd fast forward through the ads of this half hour show, cutting the morning show to a 15 minute repeat afternoon session work out. ... And I repeated the very same thing every day, 5 days a weeks.  Hence the reason now, I don't care too much for gyms.  I certainly can't afford it and I am able to work in a small space, just compensating or moving in a direction that makes allowance for the movement or space needed.

Of course, I used what I had available to me ... for FREE.  While falling in love with exercise and life,  there was Caribbean nature.  After work, I'd head to the beach to see the sunset. I used that time to swim too. It was funny too, 'cause when I'd appear from the water, cars would slowly drift by, men staring.  LOL!

(pic 2003)

I was in the most excellent shape of my life.  A cyborg. 6 pack abs. Defined arms that would put Mrs. Obama's to rest.  Toned thighs. I was lean and strong! I wish, I had pictures to prove it to you but I have no pictures of me back then.  

Another major change in my life then, I also stopped eating meat and chicken. It took listening to a discussion by an American health guru on a radio station in St.Lucia on how animal products (are dead caucuses of rotting flesh) that remain in and clog the intestines. After an hour of disgusting talk about the effects of a meat and chicken diet, I stopped completely.

Back then, I never ate breakfast either. Simply because I did not eat eggs, and breakfast always seemed to consist of eggs. I hardly recall eating meals, but lunch consisted of a big loaf of local AMA Bakery bread and cheese, no butter. Never really cared for butter, still don't. Water which I don't usually do either was a major part of my diet because of my workouts.   I would gulp it down constantly! I think that filled me plenty. Again, using what my surroundings provided, my diet consisted of plenty of local Caribbean juices and fruits, depending on what was in season, may it be mangoes, plums, ackees, golden apples, etc ... I just stuffed my face!

Ahhh, life changed once again, I left St.Lucia for COLLEGE in Miami, in 1998.  Now eighteen years old, I now was left to fend for myself ... that included cooking too. Life was good, I began to drink and smoke socially. Meat slid back into my diet and exercising stopped, though weekend nights consisted of clubbin, shakin' my ass off from Caribbean soca, reggae fete/clubs to techno and hip hop clubs.  After clubbin, my friends would came by and we'd feast on my home cooked food.  Lasagna ... ALISHA. LOL! Most of my college life I remained a Size 0, about 110 pounds.

After college ... I got married.  My weight fluctuated between 110 to 120 pounds, steadily increasing to 120 pounds  by the time I had my daughter, five years later into marriage. No longer a size 0, I fluctuated between Size 3 to Size 5. 

In 2004 and particularly 2005  ... more notable great years in my life! In 2004, I still lived in Miami and was looking forward to my second Trinidad Carnival.  Ahh, the start of my TRIBE Experience. Gearing up for that second Trinidad Carnival trip, I knew what was expected of me, physically for their carnival.  I went to YMCA gym with friends.  Since I am not much of a gym person cause of the lack of privacy and cost, the YMCA suited me fine.  We were so focused ... yeah right!  LOL! My friend, Alisha would simply do weights, her cousin, Farrah, strictly stretched and I would hit the treadmill!  Yet, we all defeated the purpose of working out, 'cause after working out we'd hit the nearest pub for fatty, greasy food, drinks and smokes.  LOL!  Ahhh, the memories.

(pic 2005)

In 2005, another great life changing moment.  I moved to Vermont. Alone in a hotel room for 3 months, I began Mari Winsor's PILATES.  Loved it more than yoga, and not as aggressive as aerobics.  I got lean and toned in no time.  By the time we got a home, I owned my own treadmill which made working out at home, even in the dead of winter, in a garage a cinch!  I bought a cheap Wal-mart mirror, put on my sexiest shorts and knotted my vests and sweats.  The idea was to catch a glimpse of body parts, as I hustled.

Don't even talk about the Summer of 2005, I was out every night dancing in my favorite bar in the world, in Burlington, Vermont called RED SQUARE. Yes, dancing in heels, shaking what my mother gave me, every night for 3 months.  That would keep any one in shape!  ... And that was my life!

I must mention this cause I had great results, I paid $9.95 for Fitness Magazine's Fitness Personal Trainer, an ultimate get fit plan. Online personal training and meal plans designed just for me which I followed to a 'T'.  What I can say, the more meals I ate daily, at least 6 small meals ... the more I lost weight. The meal diet is not awful in the least but it is strict. Use this free 'Create A Diet' - personalize a meal plan that will help you lose 5 pounds in 4 weeks.

(pics 2005)

In 2006, when I got pregnant, with my daughter. I gained 30 pounds, now taking me to 150 pounds overall ... advice from my mom and midwife.  I had Double D breasts and wore size 7, simply because I was not going to buy maternity-wear anything!  Thank God, for the advice about sticking to a 30 pound weight gain, cause after I gave birth, I was 130 pounds. Those last 10 pounds were able to melt away, bringing me back to a comfortable 120 pounds.  I admit, after her birth  I still had the pregnancy pooch. That's when I fell in love with SPANX. My advice to any woman after having a baby, spend that $40 - $60 to keep your sanity. "Yes mom, it's so worth it!" Wendy Williams has even admitted double up if need be, and I can't agree more!

(pic Dec 09 ... all pictures seen beyond this point are after having my first child)

... And I've also been the girl with some inconsistent, crazy workout habits.  I am the girl who would drop down and  do 100 sit ups, in less than 5 minutes, even if I did nothing else more. My husband would think me crazy and say "what would 5 minutes do for you?"  Hearing him say that, I stopped but I need to jump on the band wagon again!  'Cause back then, I had the best abs. 

My relationship with 5 pound weights are much of the same. I will stand in the mirror and lift my weights! I love my arms, really my shoulders. It's the sexiest part on me.

TODAY, like you .... I too need inspiration to start working out every now and again.  Particularly, once I've stopped.  Since I've noticed my evolving tummy, after looking at pictures of my body during both St.Lucia (seen in the green costume below) and CARIBANA carnivals in 2010, I am not that happy. We got a problem.  After my 6 pack abs, it's truly not about weight loss, but I want to be toned.  I am a lil' too flabby! ... And I need inspiration.

FIND A GOAL: My inspiration is Miami Carnival in October.  Later, Trinidad. Yours is Trinidad Carnival.
(pic July 2010)

Now that I have a date in mind, I will be hitting the treadmill, popping in my DVDs, Winsor Pilates or Vh1's Harvey Walden "Fit Club Boot Camp." When bored, I'll lay on the carpet and do sit-ups or lift my 5 pound weights since I am not into gym memberships.  

BE AWARE OF YOUR BAD HABITS. I'm so aware of my bad habits.  I eat at least 3 packs of bacon a week, with absolutely no exercise in sight.  So that shall stop. The late night eating heavily will have to stop too!  

OLD HABITS WILL REMAIN. I love to workout upper body but love a thick lower half.  I love my curves and thickness of thighs.  Always have and still do.  'Though I am not down with cellulite.  

I swear every time, I bathe ... I scrub down my thighs and cream them after too and I think that has truly helped with my cellulite. Like all women I do have but I am confident that working out will definitely get rid of major thigh rippling.

I do not like much salt or sugar.  My palette has become accustomed to more natural tastes and flavors, particularly fruits and veggies. Though I will eat whatever it is I choose, when ever I choose, I do stay away from butter and breads. Not for any reason, just a choice. And I can't say that I stay away from carbs, 'cause I eat those with no problem.  I don't believe in starving or denying yourself the foods you love but I do believe in decent portions, of at least anything I love, even if it's ice cream.  Even if carnival is a week away! LOL!

My first real suggestion, calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) which really is a good indicator of what your body needs of you.  .. And what are reasonable goals, maybe even limits.  Then take it from there.  

Body Mass Index (BMI) calculates your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters. Because it factors in your body fat percentage, Body Mass Index is an accurate measurement of your overall fitness. It is considered a more reliable measurement than simply your height and weight alone.

'Though I don't count caloric intake, do read my previous post, Losing Weight is A Science & Belly Fat, Body Fat Targets & Daily Caloric Needs.

I've also come to the realization that I am no longer 19, I am in my30s!
Gotta be realistic!
(pic Trinidad - Feb 2010)

Here is a gradual change from one carnival to the next in 2010, that by the time it was Miami Carnival, I was leaner.  I simply did pilates and nothing more else, not even change from eating my usual 3 packs of bacon a week.

So for TRINIDAD Carnival 2011: 'Cause I was not about to miss out on any goodies for Xmas 2010, I made a deal with the devil ... "I'd eat and drink whatever, as long as, once January 2011 rolled 'round, I would sacrifice. So for about 6 to 8 weeks until Trinidad Carnival 2011, it was pure sacrifice ...  I stayed away from sweets and had NO bacon. I drank NO alcohol, especially since I had plenty over the xmas season, I flushed it out of my system and drank plenty water!  'Though, I was not up for running on a treadmill in a cold-winter garage, I did pilates and some P90X which I am not a fan of in my bedroom.

Not long after Trinidad Carnival in 2011, I got pregnant 
.... so let's see what my body does in 2012!

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  1. you body is ridongculous. I aim to have a body like that wow.