My Caribana 2010 Journal!

So I'm in the mood to tell you about my Caribana weekend.  A picture journal of sorts.

Have I told you how much I love Toronto?

The longer I live away from St.Lucia, the more St.Lucia feels less like home.  Toronto though, affords me big city (safety and privacy) and that sense of family, even if only friends!  The more I visit, the more friends made.  Love it!

(first cousin ... seen left, Nichelle and my husband ... seen far right)
visiting us in VERMONT! 

A lil background info ... 
When in Toronto, I stay by Christian and Shari who have been long time family friends.
I consider them my family.

Chris and I as babies!

Their mom, Aunty Avril, I call her my second mom.  Other than my mom, she was the only other person allowed to wash my "Miss Pussy Winkle" on my first communion day in 1985.  I've spent nights and woken up in her home on childhood birthdays.  I love her.  So when I visit Toronto most times, Aunty Avril is visiting.  

Then I can't forget her sister Aunty P, Aunty Avril's sister.  Aunty P. loves to cook, and during every visit ... she makes certain we remain fed.  So both, stop by the house with bowls, platters and pots of food.  I am certain too, they come by to make sure the house is in one piece.  LOL!

Here are past Caribana pics.

Thursday Toronto Arrival

My cousin, Nichelle picked me up from the airport.  She was kind enough to invite me to a birthday luncheon with her NewMarket friends.  From what I'm told NewMarket is in the boonies. So they get teased for being a little different out there.  LOL!  Yet, just imagine a luncheon  with a culturally diverse group of ladies ... one Indian, an Afghanian, a Catholic Sri Lankan, a White Canadian and 2 St.Lucians, my cousin and I.

Talk about table conversation ... I was so enlightened and so certain that there was hope in the world!  A diverse cultural group of women discussing and chatting about cultures, religion and tradition.  We chatted about, from one extreme of arranged marriages, marrying cousins, possibilities of being killed by siblings for not following traditions about dress, sex, alcohol to a more Western way of thinking ... showing skin, to drinking to socialize, to one night stands. Some beliefs seem so extreme.  I can't begin to fathom being put to death possibly for my choices.

Despite it all, each woman was still very much powerful and confident. Amazingly too, I realized that despite culture, religion, tradition, or what seems to be extreme ... a woman's mind still is intrigued and inquisitive.  We are all certain about what makes us women, our sexuality. It's strictly a choice to carry on extreme traditions due to values taught by their families, particularly their mothers.

Later that Thursday afternoon, we took to the back yard.  HAPPY HOUR! Well, I knocked back a bottle of wine.  Then shots, shots, shots!

Only to have a cousin drop by with Clark Kent (Ross).  I usually see Ross everywhere.  I just thought he was the shy guy with glasses when I'd see him in St.Lucia.  LOL!  But in these last few weeks, I have seen Ross during D.C carnival, St.Lucia carnival and now Caribana. You will never see him in costume but he's usually flying through all bands.  LOL!

Friday: Picking up my CNZ costume and Island Mix!

Yep, proud to say this was my first visit ever to the Carnival Nationz mas camp.  
Section: Royal Jail

Island Mix ... hot staff, hot music, hot patrons (young and old)!
Now isn't this martini special ... extremely sexy?  

It kind of beat my Dewars from Boston!  LOL!

As for the fetes ... I hate going out to clubs and parties in Toronto over the years. 'Cause we have a far better time by Chris' house.

Anyway from now, I WILL NEVER SAY NO to a D'Bandit Caribana fete. Not only do I love his Toronto carnival band, Carnival Nationz but .... 

SHINE (Friday) and Vale Vibe (Sunday).

 ... As for Carnival in Yuh BackYard (Saturday) ... PURE SHIT! I said it! What was that?  We should have gone to Wild Water Kingdom instead for SOCAVIVOR. "Umm, total waste of outfit! Cah believe they got me out of bed for that backyard mess"

Pictures of us at SHINE .... 

... And the body guards. LOL!

Caribana Saturday ...

Big hugs and kisses to the MAHABIR sisters.  Fans of THE SWEET 7 too! 
Cindy is the girlfriend of Chris' friend, Sherman (seen above) so we've hung out many times before.  
So thank you guys for taking me under your wings.

I promised I won't share any of the MAHABIR secrets on this blog.
Keeping my word.  LOL!

Thanks to Photographer Maya Trotz who took this picture.  
I love it!

With fellow blogger, Nicole in the section Salt Fish.

THANKS TO EVERYONE who made me have a fun time 
...  and all the gentlemen too,
those who walked me through crowds, offered water, drinks and food, who danced, looked out for me!

And ladies, before I forget.  
Forget talk of not being able to palance in heels or a social palance... 
No broken anything. LOL!  

Oh and BTW ... no more 3 packs of bacon a week for me.  
I need to look sexy hot for Miami Carnival!

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