Great Gifts for Kids

Just enjoyed reading a children's magazine with my daughter. (I don't even read magazines, I basically look at the pictures!) A gift subscription given to her by my mom. Thinking about it, my daughter's coolest christmas gifts came from my parents. Certainly, well thought out by my mom. ... And dad, always says "Your duty is to raise her, ours is to spoil her!" ... he took her to Toys R Us and she chose the KidiJamz Studio. When he asked her what else she'd like, she told him, "It's ok, I have enough!" That's my girl!  LOL!

I recommend ...

One Year (12 Issues) $34.44

Highlights High Five was created to help you encourage your young child's development - and have fun together at the same time.

Based on sound educational principles and widely accepted child-development theories, each monthly issue brings a 40-page, high-quality mix of read-aloud stories and age appropriate puzzles and activities that will help you set your child firmly on the path to becoming a lifelong learner. (Preview High Five ... Take a peek inside)

Leapster Explorer for Ages 4 - 9

The Leapster Explorer Learning Game System from LeapFrog is an exciting, handheld gaming device that includes preset games and videos, and boasts plenty of downloadable features and cartridges. This durable handheld device for kids plays Leapster Explorer e-books, games, videos, and more. With the Leapster Explorer, kids practice a range of skills--from reading and writing to math and sciences--through play and entertainment.

V-Tech KidiJamz Studio for Ages 3 - 7

KidiJamz is an interactive music station that lets kids record their own songs and music and play it back on a detachable music player. These toys make music mixing a snap with 20-kid friendly tunes. To find their own beat, kids can choose from 10 different musical instrument sounds, five musical stylings, and three rhythm buttons. KidiJamz toys will have kids singing to their hearts content with the included microphone and digital voice effects. The toy’s musical scratching disc and light-up keyboard round out the fun.

This is my lil' DJ / SUPERSTAR! 


  1. Hey thought I was the only one who just looked at the pics in the magazines, and only read stuff if i wanted to know about the pic..but highlights is great my nieces and nephews love it. Love your blog by the way. Keep up the GREAT work!! :-)

  2. Haha. Highlights is fun. ... And thanks for your kind words Tsahai85.