Marc Jacobs' JonBenet Ramsey-esque Editorial

Tom Ford's edited issue of French Vogue has these little girls all decked out in designer clothes, shoes and professional makeup. Some say it's creepy and JonBenet Ramsey reminiscent. Read this letter: Open Letter to Tom Ford: Your JonBenet Ramsey-Inspired Editorial Is Not Cool

As a mom of a four year old ... I'm not sure what I think or feel. I like the spread, yet I don't think I'd allow my daughter to be photographed in an editorial such as this. And in my St.Lucian slang, it seems 'force ripe' and 'womanish'.  

Yet, this also comes from a mom, me ... who will sit and paint my daughter's finger nails to match mine, if she asks. Despite not being allowed to paint my finger or toe nails until I left high school at sixteen.  I just figure ... painted nails, adds to her already lil' colorful personality. Don't even talk about red lipstick ... when I began to wear it at eighteen, my father commented that I looked like a hooker. Now, when I wear red, I see something totally different.  It's classic, timeless and makes a statement. 

My daughter also has the habits of applying her own vaseline, chapstick and or lipgloss.  ... And that's 'cause in this winter weather, I encourage her to do so or else she has bloody, bitten and chapped lips.  Just like she owns a tea set, a tiara, even a pair of kiddie heels, she does own a pastel pink makeup palette. It's not a bold in your face pink, but soft ... barely there when applied.  ... And believe me when she takes to the mirror, mirroring only what she sees me doing, she walks away like a clown. Yet, I see her joy in having done it herself.  I admit ... I would love to use a curling iron in her hair, just to see some bouncy curls.  Excuses, a problem? Hmm. 

What do you think, is this a bit much?

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