Busy Signal gets mention in Rolling Stone Magazine

I would have ignored that Jamaican dancehall superstar, Busy Signal got mentioned in Rolling Stone magazine, "Jody Rosen's Best of 2010," had it not been for a Busy medley that I came across two days ago!  FIRE!

Jody Rosen's Best of 2010 chose Busy Signal's, D.O.B. (V.P.) album, stating "The Jamaican dancehall star Busy Signal is one world's great rappers — a wit and a charmer, with fearsome flow and great taste in beats. His latest album is his finest yet. Don't sleep, U.S. hip-hop headz!"

Busy Signal Medley

My Busy Signal favorites

"Davey, your baby daddy!"  LOL!
My friend loves Busy, so I always tease and send her videos.  
She knows I love Vybz! 

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