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I love a personal story ... and often wonder, should I share? Yet, this morning, I got reassurance that this story is worth telling from the lyrics of a vocal trance song, "We, are one of the same. Our stories untold."

My father's father, Victor Stewart was a Jamaican agriculturist. One of a group of about five Jamaican men sent to work with the Colonial agricultural development scheme in Saint Lucia, in the 1940s. Another one of those Jamaican men was Harry Atkinson.

Three generations of family friends still are the Stewarts and the Atkinsons, the products of Jamaican grandfathers who settled and raised their families in St.Lucia.

Our families usually spend christmas day luncheons together, or roast pigs on a barbecue grill, or can be found at St.Lucian social events batting a good booze. Scotch whiskey with coconut water or soda water. Like father, like son (might I add) and daughters too! BTW, I chase with sprite.  LOL! Always socializing over good food and drink.

And no matter where on this earth our third generation ends up, from war zones, to Arab or Asian countries, Australia and to even in our own backyards, *us, children* have all given our parents a fair share of headaches which eventually sprout into many a family joke and teasing. Of course, plenty of *shaking heads* from our parents, particularly our fathers of those Jamaican men! The beauty is, there is just so much more intertwinings and depth to be told of our 3 generational family quilt. Such as Katherine's mom was a nurse who was at my mom's bedside when I came into this world, Katherine's uncle is my godfather and Katherine's brother is the only person whose phone call I will gladly take at anytime!

Katherine Atkinson (seen standing to the left in our childhood) is Uncle Harry's eldest grand daughter.  

"A Saint Lucian writer and journalist. Her work has appeared in regional publications like MACO Magazine, SHE Caribbean and Skywritings. She is winner of the 2006 Saint Lucia National Awards for Literature, the 2007 Word Alive Spoken Word Competition and the Highly Commended Award for the 2007 Commonwealth Broadcasting Association's Short Story Competition." - Strabon-Caraibes
FRESH MAGAZINE is Katherine's newest venture.  

FRESH magazine is fresh food, fresh moves, fresh ideas. It is a quarterly Caribbean lifestyle and food magazine produced entirely in St.Lucia.

In the most current issue FRESH celebrates love in all its incarnations: how to strengthen and grow your love with the practice of partner yoga, how to love your wallet, making good choices that show love to the environment and support healthy finances, and of course, love in its more amorous sense.

Some of its headlines:
great food, great sex
fresh recipes to fall in love with
love your wallet
detox challenge

Readers can follow their detox challenge on the FRESH blog and find lots of recipes that use local produce in fresh, nutritious ways

Facebook: FRESH Magazine

The name 'Atkinson' can be found in the Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage by Richard Allsopp


  1. Love how you put that together! Makes me so proud of all of us and especially my big sis!

  2. Thanks Chris ... it did make me see there is much history!