Sexual Lingo - Christina Piercing and Pearl Necklace

Never been shy to talk SEX on this blog. 
The first ever Sweet 7 post on February 18, 2007 was about "OhMiBod", the iPod vibrator. I've written about the VAJ crazes from the vajazzle to a pelvic exerciser.  Laughed about Vagina Power and Penis PowerCollege Girl's PowerPoint "F. List" Goes Viral and "Daddy scream like a girl". I've even shared my personal experience with the birth control, Mirena.

Yesterday I was truly educated  .... and I am once again laughing. 

Yesterday, for the first time, I decided to share with a few friends on Facebook "25 Random Things, Facts, Habits, or Goals About Me." The people I tagged were then supposed to share their 25 with me.

One friend I tagged in my list, then shared hers. Her number 9 read, "I used to have a Christina piercing but it grew out." Immediately, I got a clue.  It was not until a friend posted a wikipedia picture and tagged another, the Christina Piercing came to light.  .... And the topic took a turn, for some interesting comments.  

Before I knew it, I was educated about the Pearl Necklace, thanks to friends and wikipedia. A pearl necklace will never be the same. I'm gonna have to be rather specific with the kind I ask for.  LOL!

... And I trust that you will do your own research, or maybe you're already educated!  LOL!

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