Spyda the DJ

Saturday night was night of the Super Moon, and we headed to 'Andre's Moving to Australia' house fete hosted by Bajan (from Barbados) friends. You see, Andre's getting hitched. Once again, I left a Bajan fete in D.C with the firm belief that BAJANS RULE D.C. LOVE THEM! The resident DJ was Spyda the DJ. His music selection on Saturday took me down memory lane, particularly my high school years. Here are few songs from the night that had me updating my Facebook status:

Spyda the DJ shares "Hmm, I'm not the greatest DJ in the World "SIKE", but there's nothing like it when I spin, I'll take you everywhere, the heart of Kingston JA, the lovely beaches of Barbados, the savanna in Trinidad & Tobago and even to South America in a couple hours and have you right back in America in time for breakfast...basically what I'm saying: I am very versatile, my heart is with Caribbean music and I can give you the best of Reggae, Soca, Latin, Old School / New School Hip hop, some good ole r&b and lots more, SOUNDS GREAT!!!"

Listen here: Spyda the DJ's Podmatic

Check out the invite too

... And on that Super Moon night, I left my house in 2 plaits.
Style: Tomboy Chic
Drinks: Rum Punch & Tequila!

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