Iwer @ Diamond Vale Breakfast Party 2011

Woah ... I would have liked to have seen Iwer win soca monarch in 2011.  I even loved Iwer's "Come to Meh" on the road far better than Machel's "Advantage." Check out Iwer performing "Come to Meh" at the hottest Trinidad Carnival breakfast party ticket, Diamond Vale.

I was there but I hardly ever venture to the wall area with the DJs, wall crew and water hose. And when I ventured to that area this year, I told former Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam (seen in this video), she walks on air. Shoot me! LOL! She was kind and laughed. There's just something about waking up, at least for me, 'cause I have many a friend who come straight from Triniposse to Vale. So waking up at 3AM for a fete is already insanity. I often wonder what will my makeup look like when the sun comes up. Well by the time the sun comes up in Vale, I've already had plenty to drink. ... And by the looks of it, so has everyone else. Vale is real vibes. Anyway I got a picture of a friend's t-shirt at Vale. We meet him and his wife every year in Trinidad at various fetes.  The first time we met, we stayed at the same hotel but to this day we still don't know each others' names.

... And Audrey girl and Veil, I see you!  LOL!

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