Pet Peeve - A Cheap Person!

One of my pet peeves is a cheap person!

CHEAP: stingy; miserly

First off, THANK YOU to the gentlemen who have crossed my path. Those not intimidated to offer me a drink, allowing me the option to refuse or accept.  ... And kisses to those who have invited me to dinner, and taken full responsibility for the dinner bill.

Tonight, I finally got an answer as to why I despise the "CHEAPOS." ... And I won't only, refer to men, 'cause I have also come across some ladies with this awful flaw too. Don't misunderstand me either, I don't expect people to spend money which they do not have, especially on me. So let me exasperate ...

Have you ever been to a bar, and a guy wants your attention but will not do the gentlemanly act of offering a drink? While he sits or stands there taking up your time with conversation and your mouth dries. *Hands up*

This has happened to me. I tease, but it's the truth. I do not go out waiting for any one, particularly any man to offer, much less buy me a drink. Though I have been in the presence of those who won't hesitate to say 'NO', if I were to offer one. (Me) Being courteous, of course!  You see, I can buy my own and yours too! *Thinking out loud*

Chivalry just can't be dead! 

As for this "splitting the bill" nonsense. This waiting to pay your half or what it is that you ordered! I cringe. I've never seen my father treat my mother that way, so I would not settle or expect any less. So I am definitely against the notion of 'first date - splitting bills'.

Ladies, if a guy is courting you (courting may sound antiquated or ancient so I'll replace it with the less seductive word, dating) ... WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU PAY HALF?

Reality Check, here's Nyree's (Sweet7's) 101: AND HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR SUITOR? The potential father to your kids who will not hesitate to beat his chest like he's KING OF HIS DOMAIN (in the future). Give me a break!

HALF? I always hated the idea of HALF. What is 1/2 in a relationship? How can that be measured? ... And long before I was married, I thought, "if he's bitchin' about paying a dinner bill, what happens after marriage, when the real bills and marital issues roll in?

Will he then say, "TAKE HALF, PUT HALF, LEAVE HALF, SAY HALF, THINK HALF, FEEL HALF!" involved in a "HALF MARRIAGE, RAISING HALF KIDS, in a HALF LIFE?" Basically I see it as any man so cheap, "YOU'RE JUST HALF ASS!"

So ladies and gents, here's some food for thought, from my discovery tonight. I finally got the reason why I despise "CHEAP PEOPLE."

"Being unable to give by spending money usually means being unable to give in general. Cheapness signals more than a problem with money. It is a sign of something constricted in a person's character, something that keeps them from letting go or taking risks!"

Hey, take it or leave it ... just letting you know your worth!

UPDATE: Bank on The View: Love & Money

Updated 4/25/13: I laughed. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn Pg 225:
If you let a man cancel plans or decline to do things for you, you lose. 
You don't get what you want!


  1. girl meh sieh, tell me about it! cheapo-ness is such a turn off...I understand if a guy is broke and trying that's different but being a miser is totally different

  2. cheap ass moddafukkas lol...

  3. Great article!!! Agreed!! what's this shit about paying half!! It does signal problems in the future!

  4. Hey I hope that pertains to women too. Cause the one thing I hate is a cheap woman. I'm far from rich but I like nice things :) and I feel my woman should have nice things to, if I can afford it she will get it. But if I'm treating you to nice things I expect it to be reciprocated.

  5. ‎2nd paragraph , "Tonight, I finally got an answer as to why I despise the "CHEAPOS." ... And I won't only, refer to men, 'cause I have also come across some ladies with this awful flaw too."

  6. If you ask me to pay half....I will pay the entire bill and leave a hefty tip. Then say my goodbyes and delete all of your contact information. If you can't afford to take a woman out...then don't ask. If you're low on cash, i would respect going to the grocery store and cooking dinner for 2....but please don't divide the check on a date. ...very uncoth!!!

  7. Lmao! If a man can't afford he should say let's get to know each other over coffee and dessert, much cheaper and the woman would think that's so romantic.