Notting Hill Carnival: United Colours of Mas U.C.O.M PRO SHOTS

"U.C.O.M. (United Colours Of Mas) launched on the 26th November 2011 to the Public and will be hitting the roads of Notting Hill for the First Time in 2012 - but make no mistake we are not new to the game Richard Gallimore and Paul O'Donoghue formerly of Bachanal Mas have been in the game with over 15 years of experience in the carnival arena and 5 years of running their own mas band. In our 5th year of managing our own mas band we would like to present Our theme for 2012 "TRIBES OF THE WORLD" 

We are a UK based Mas/Carnival Band who strives to be different under the artistic direction of award winning Designer Mr Paul O'Donoghue, Band Leader Richard Gallimore and 2 Vibrant young designers Alfred Palmer and Seyi Afolabi. U.C.O.M. is a Ultimate All Inclusive Mas Band, we welcome people from all walks of life, no matter what island or race or sexuality. At U.C.O.M. we are a band that is constantly innovating, improving our product and service to stay a few steps ahead of the competition."

I grew up with Richard Gallimore in St.Lucia, we lived in the same area.  He was a great swimmer in those days too!

Photo Source: Fiona Compton 

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