Hotel Chocolat uses St.Lucian cocoa

Hotel Chocolat strives to make better chocolate available to everyone. So, starting as a catalogue-based business, that’s exactly what they did – making their brand of exclusive chocolates available to UK and online consumers for the first time.

The passion, enthusiasm and commitment of the entire team, reflected in the products and services it provides, helps place the company at the forefront of the retail chocolate market. 

 In 2005 Hotel Chocolat acquired an historic cocoa plantation in St Lucia in The West Indies. With the construction of a chocolate making facility on the cocoa estate, within two years Hotel Chocolat planned on employing local labour and using local sugar to make the chocolate from their plantation, as well as buying cocoa from neighbouring farmers at a rate that enables them to make a profit and re-invest in their cocoa farm.

This approach is radically different from the industry norm, where the cheap commodity crop is usually exported to Europe for the value to be added there. Angus has always wanted to grow his own cocoa and to make a connection between the plantation and the consumer, something that no other UK chocolate makers can claim to do. Doing this in the West Indies seems right as it is the home of some of the world’s best Criollo and Trinitario cocoa trees and the place where Angus first tasted real chocolate!

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