My Polyvore Friendship

I love When I want to relax, I start to edit and explore sets! Most recently I made a friend from the site, 'HENEDINA'. I truly enjoy all her sets. Then today she surprised me with a message, "Gokarm started a trend for making sets dedicated to other people so I've been busy making them. There's one there for you, hope you like it".

Here's the set she made especially for me, "Dulce7 from Green Mountains to Green Mountains". I especially appreciate the set because the picture on the left shows the Pitons. The Pitons are 2 infamous peaks in St.Lucia. Then the picture on the right is Church Street, Burlington, Vermont. This is my favorite hang out spot in Vermont.

Here are a few other sets from Henedina.



'Flor Mexicana'


  1. What an honor , thanks dulce7...I enjoy our internet friendship. How do you do it, your blog rocks!!


  2. Ahh thanks. Glad you enjoy it! See you on Polyvore.