Turn It Around - Umi Marcano

I loved this song before I left for the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago. Sadly, when I got there ... I hardly heard it at fetes or even on the road. Anyway, I was fortunate to see the video on Synergy TV.

This is Umi's 2nd video and it was shot at Brechin Castle in Couva, Trinidad. The video was done by D Kartel Productions.

Umi Marcano is Synergy TV's second Soca Star winner joining the rank of the first Soca Star winner, Rohan 'Fireball' Richards. The Synergy Soca Star finals took place on the open grounds of the Jean Pierre Complex on Thursday 1st February, 2007. The crowd at the Complex was phenomenal, numbering possibly over ten thousand - so much so that many patrons spilled outside the gates.

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Do enjoy this video Turn It Around by Umi Marcano

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