My Trinidad Carnival 2K-Wine Boots

Prior to the TRIBE Carnival Band TLC registration, I was consistently in the Trinidad Carnival Diary online chat room. So when the 'QUEEN of ALL THINGS' relevant to Trinidad Carnival, The Sauce (author of Trinidad Carnival Diary) posted a link a few days after registration, I was all ears.

The link was for carnival boots.  Still reluctant, *Click*... I had ordered a pair of silver 'Atlanta' boots $29.99 of which there were 7 colors to choose from. Hmm, I never would have imagined even purchasing a pair of boots for "Carnival 2K-WINE", but after 2 years of following Saucy's blog, "I WANT TO BECOME A BELIEVER!" ...And I'm thinking, "What craziness next? ... jumping carnival in thongs? No way!"
My order from came in no time but I do warn that you read their 'Return Policy.' I considered buying them half a size bigger, since I was concerned about leaving enough room for my toes. I love my good ole' sneakers that I have worn since 2003 to every carnival, so without a moment to spare I had those babies on my feet. I am so happy I stuck with my regular shoe size because those boots are the perfect fit and comfy! Also I am relieved that they have rubber soles too. Wow, I'm so ready to wear those boots for Trini Carnival. I can see me now, prancing merrily through the streets of Port-Of-Spain.

I thanked Saucy who then suggested that I take a few pictures: 


  1. Boots look great, but have you come across any with a slight wedge in your searches?

  2. I really did not keep my eyes open for wedge boots. Anyway I did come across this pair for $19 though: