I have narrowed my choices from 16 sections to six and now to two. Trinidad Carnival bloggers warn that my two final costume choices are very unforgiving. I am not perturbed, it only gives me a reason to work out harder. These are my choices and now I have to narrow them to one by Sunday for registration of TLC holders. I have some friends who love CC and all like SC even if it's a second choice! Rumours are circulating that Spangled Cotinga is sold out. So let's just wait and see what happens on Sunday. Stress! ...Don't worry remember I had 6 initial favorites. LOL!

Caged Canary
I love Caged Canary; the pink and orange, chains and the thin waist band.


Spangled Cotinga
I love Spangled Cotinga it looks elegantly rich and the color when I tan is going to look hot! Also I love the arm and leg beaded jewelry for SC.


Source: TRIBE


  1. i can't compare. both 2 ridiculously skimmy pretty costumes! :) good luck!

  2. i like sc. it's very rare and it reminds me of a coral set my mom got for mothers day :)

    cc......i hate it. it looks unfinished and im sure if it was featured in a 'small island' carnival ppl would be quick to diss it.

    sc al de way.