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  1. goodness, i own soooooooo many clutches. when i was in toronto, i use to frequent V2, better known at Value Village, a 2nd hand store and my wordddddddddddd, the GREAT CLUTCHES I would find. Things I've NEVER even seen in todays fashions! I'm LOVING myself for spending those few dollars on them...and they are LEATHER from the 30, 40's etc...even some from the 80's...:)

  2. I have a BAG & WATCH fetish. LOL!

    ...And although I have tons of clutches ... there is one that follows me every where across the globe. My friends tease me all the time about it! LOL! Saying stuff like "that bag been more places than me", even "you doh have any other bags?"

    I have no shame ... I love my green leather clutch!

    A store like that would make me your crazy!