Steal vs Splurge - Herve Leger Bandage Dress

Signature style: Bandage dresses are the company's trademark. His designs are based on the simple principles of Lycra and spandex-rich fabrics pulling the body into the desired hourglass shape. The dress seen on Victoria Beckham below, retailed for $1375.  


  1. i am actually wanting a herve leger dress/skirt/something...but in light of the economy, i have been saving my money for the time that this dress goes on sale (and it better be a deep discount). this is a must-have dress!!

  2. Let me tell you, I once had the opportunity to wear an Herve Leger dress, and let me tell you, I HAD A NEW BODY in that dress! My waist looked like it was 18 inches and hello, I had boobs in de dress!!
    IF you can afford to get one...I SAY GET ONE!!