Sneaky Sunday

Sneaky Sunday ... more like SEXY! 

So I'm up early this AM tending to Farmville crops and could not fall back to sleep. So I figured I better catch up on my email, more like Fashion subscription emails. For some reason today, I decided to click on the "Travel" section of one my regular email subscriptions. As a new transplant to the area, I clicked on travel info for the Washington D.C area. After minutes of bookmarking restaurants and activities, I'd like to try ... a bucket list of sorts, this just sneaks up on me .... Sneaky Sunday. The site was sexy and visually appealing, I then sneaked a peak at hotspots in Burlington, Vermont. This site got it right so it was a great indicator that this was my kind of site!  'Cause I partied in ALL the venues, particularly one called Red Square where I was Queen! uses a national network of like-minded young professionals to provide upscale recommendations and rankings for venues (bars, restaurants, hotels, etc) and events (concerts, sports, theatre, etc) based on various categories of interest, also based on the day of the week when appropriate (several bar categories). 

The phrase "Sneaky Sunday" came from a good friend who would frequently head out to the bars for a few drinks on a Sunday, often just to watch some football, and the next thing you know he was shutting down the place and taking down numbers. When asked about the night, he’d simply say it was a "sneaky” Sunday. We liked the saying so much that we started using it for everything that was "sneaky”--a restaurant that nobody knew about, an unexpectedly fun night, or even someone at work who was "sneaky" hot. It quickly became an everyday part of our vocabulary and any night other than Friday or Saturday could become "sneaky" when it involved any social activity.

Three core beliefs have been paramount for the guys of SneakySunday from Day 1:
The site must be easy to navigate and visually pleasing;  it must have completely unbiased recommendations and candid commentary; and the suggestions must only be for the absolute best places for specific nights of the week.

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