Trinidad Guardian Bitdepth Article on Saucy (Trinidad Carnival Diary)

Saucy of Trinidad Carnival Diary is the 'QUEEN of Caribbean blogging,' particularly on ALL things carnival. I admire Saucy for numerous reasons. Also thankful to her that this blog, The Sweet 7 is listed under her 'Carnival Blog Roll,' giving my blog exposure it would not have ordinarily gotten. 

Funnier still, Saucy instills a sense of fear, reminiscent of an old Caribbean teacher.  The teacher who allows the fun times, but will also whip you into shape. 'Cause when Saucy attacks, I shudder for whom ever is on the other end. LOL! It's that Scorpio vibe, we have in common that makes her more intriguing and both being born nine months after carnival makes the term 'carnival baby' relatable. Although, she remains anonymous, I've had the pleasure of meeting her at a Miami Carnival party about two years ago. Yet, she is set in stone, as 'Saucy.'    

So this morning, Trinidad Carnival Diary's post "Trinidad Guardian Bitdepth Features The Sauce!" I felt like I know her a lil' better. Three things struck me. One was "I am not perturbed, if there was no one reading the blog I would still be blogging"  Now, that's saucy!  LOL!

Read the following articles about the blogger, Saucy "Carnival’s hot Sauce" and "Saucy" interview.

Photo Source: Trinidad Guardian

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