International Soca Monarch 2011 Official Teaser

"The International Soca Monarch was established in 1993, its main aim to create an environment where soca music could be exhibited on an international stage while simultaneously being enjoyed by fans of the genre. Since then, it has evolved from being a mere competition to an institution of the carnival season earning the Friday on which it is traditionally held, the sobriquet of Fantastic Friday, synonymous with mind blowing performances, and the best of the season’s artistes.

The celebrity commentary panel is chosen by the Board of Directors to view the International Soca Monarch Competition live on Fantastic Friday. The panel is made up of local and international celebrities alike and the medley of personalities allow for a unique blend of commentary and camaraderie on the night of the show, as they entertain and inform the viewers at home." -  - Soca Monarch

2011 Commentary Panel includes ... 
Wendy Raquel Robinson - Steve Harvey Show and The Game
Hosea Chanchez - The Game
Idris Elba - The Wire
Peter Elias

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