UV Gel Nails Tutorial

Generally I am a nail biter, 'though there are periods when I allow my nails to just do their thing!  ... And if I'm going to let them grow, I will assist with the effort. Nothing worse than banging my nails into cupboards, or having them break when loading heavy luggage or grocery bags or scratching myself cause they're weapons.  

In Vermont, Tina would finish my manicure with diamond nails. "Diamond Nails is a revolution in nail care, containing real diamonds - the hardest substance known to man. No formaldehyde or toluene, so your nails won't dry out - they'll grow long and strong. Its the safe way to grow beautiful, glamorous finger nails." - Yahoo Answers. See Diamond Nails process here, 2 minutes into this video, "Dipping Nail System."

Today, I decided, it's time to protect my babies ... and instead the manicurist suggested that I try UV Gel nails. "UV Gel nails are flexible and strong, naturally. Applied onto the natural nail. The gel dries instantly under a UV Curing lamp. Your gel nails keep their well-manicured look long after application. Gel nails are better than diamond nails; diamond nails are more costly since it is a jewel."- Yahoo Answers.

With her Asian accent, initially I heard her say that UV gel nails last "10 weeks," later I heard "10 days." So who knows.  Any way here is the UV gel nail process below.  Thanks to Youtube, she may have just lost a customer, now that I can do it at home!   

The end result ...

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