A Tattoo Story

"Last working day of the year, bring on 2012," according to my cousin, Natasha's BBM status yesterday.
Since I was pregnant, from early o' clock, I disconnected most of the year.  
So I can't agree more ... "BRING ON 2012!"


'Though, not totally disconnected, I find humor in once again this year end being able to bottle at least 5 fluid ounces of breast pumped milk, in a lifetime.  Simply calling myself, 'the milking cow' but it's my girl, Pascalle's apt reference, 'Mctatas' and slogan which puts this whole thing, all into perspective:

"Yes, the McTatas are open 24hrs. 7 days a week! No holidays! :/ lol!"

 ... And with under 18 hours to a brand new year, trust my girl, Pascalle to stir up my emotions with her recent Facebook album, "A Tattoo Story." I asked her if I could share with you, her response "Awww! My first blog feature! Tee hee hee! Post away Nyree! :) Can't wait to seeeeeee! (no pressure hahahha!)

A Tattoo Story
by Pascalle

The inspiration: I love hearts. 
Always catch myself doodling them..
Saw this mug @ work and had a thought...hmm..

Where that heart ended up...perfection...

Another view...

close up :)

These 2 teeny little stars hurt like bloody hell...

The inspiration: For my 2 Special Little Stars...like childbirth, worth every single minute of pain...

close up ;)

You'd never believe how Pascalle and I met ... long story here! LOL!

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  1. "Lawd! I'm a star-ruh! I wanna thank my mama, Pookie from the group home, and all my boos (y'all know who y'all is)" LOL! Nah, but all kidding aside, Ny, I LOVE it. Thanks for featuring my crazy whim on your amazing blog, and, for finding enough inspiration in my craziness (or my boredom, I haven't decided which it is yet lol) thank you!! (((hugs!!!)) Would you believe if I told you I'm already thinking of a spot for the next one? Stop me now! loooool!