St.Lucia Carnival 2012 - Just 4 Fun vs Red

I was asked, "Why do you play with Just 4 Fun instead of RED?" 

It's simple ... 'though I like Red Unlimited costumes which tend to be similar in look only and in some cases are just repeat costumes from previous Trinidad carnivals, I have to admit Just 4 Fun is real vibes and energy.  Just 4 Fun revelers ... just MADDDDDDDD! A search for St.Lucia Carnival videos on Youtube, results in plenty of Just 4 Fun videos. At the end of the day, the service is the same in both bands, so I can't say one is superior over the other.

The beauty of St.Lucia carnival is the option to play in either beads and feather bands or the more traditional bands such as St.Lucian Spirit, La Mosaique or Rituals.  For such a small island, St.Lucia has plenty bands which are not mentioned in this post.

Just 4 Fun - Carnival Monday 2011

BTW ... I am late in posting what a Just 4 Fun package includes ...

A Just 4 Fun regular costume package includes all inclusive parties, goody bags, premium drinks truck with a never closed concept, hot snacks on the roads, mobile washrooms and a lot more. 

The VIP Experience will provide greater comforts within the section including private drinks trucks, food service within that section and a costume distribution system unique to that section. 

The RIO Party Package includes  
Breakfast at the Jab Jab Fete
Free Gems & Glitter for the Females
All Inclusive Carnival Tuesday Party
Photo CD of Carnival Monday & Tuesday
Discounted Jab Jab Tickets
Hassle Free Costume Pick Up

Don't forget the J4F early bird costume discount deadline which is May 18th.
Registration is available online!

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  1. Honestly, I like Red's costumes better than Just 4 Fun's, I think they are more creative. BUT I prefer to be in a band with better VIBES any day, playing mas should always be MAD. At the end of the day I am dashing away all them extras arm and leg pieces and having a TIME! BTW, 3 sections are sold out in J4F....