My Current Summer Project ... The Teaser!

Summer is here! I feel like I'm making up for last year's summer when I was pregnant. More so, I feel like I am nesting now, after the delivery of my son only 5 months ago. A bit of a Susie home maker and nurturer, just expressing my creativity. So here's a look at my most recent home project! Just a teaser.

Yesterday's outfit.
The necklace is a thrift store find.  I love pieces of jewelry from thrift stores!

IKEA Wall  
"Celebrate 25 years of the IKEA Catalogue"

Look who was shopping too!
BTW ... any mothers notice store carts no longer seem to accomodate car seats?

An IKEA trip isn't complete without a slice of pizza and a Lingonberry drink.

See my home project .... 

So my newest home summer project in the works ... 

... consists of my daughter's art work from Kindergarten this year, which I have framed!
And lots more carnival headpieces ... but finally trying to display them appropriately!


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