Team Soca ... 24/7!

If you haven't heard about it yet, Team Soca is the newest 100% soca movement to hit the world. It's all about sweet soca music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, featuring the best soca DJs from around the world.  

As I logged into the application on my iphone a song by St.Lucian, Derek Yarde was playing. The application allows you to request your soca too.  ... And as each song plays, you are able to see the name of the artiste and the name of the song.  Real cool!  SOCA TO THE WORLD!

Continue for featured world DJs and their schedules ... 

Eternal Vibes (Miami) Mon thru Fri - 9am to 12pm 
Wassi One (Miami) Mon, Tues, Wed - 12pm to 3pm 
Shot Master J (Trinidad) Mon - 3pm to 6pm 
DJ Brutal (New York) Mon - 6pm to 8pm 
2 Touch KOS (Toronto) Mon - 8pm to 10pm 
Junya Menace KOS (Toronto) Mon - 10pm to 12am 
DJ Tate (London) Tues - 4pm to 6pm 
DJ Young Chow (New York) Tues - 6pm to 8pm 
Spoil Brattz (New York) Tues - 8pm to 10pm 
Digital Entertainment (Trinidad) Tues - 10pm to 12am 
Shot Master J (Trinidad) Wed - 3pm to 6pm 
Elegance Sounds (New York) Wed - 3pm to 5pm 
Infamous Sounds (New York) Wed - 5pm to 7pm 
Barry Hype (Miami) Wed - 7pm to 9pm 
Marxman KOS (Toronto) Wed - 9pm to 12am 
Soca Sweetness (Toronto) Thurs - 12pm to 3pm 
D Tee - Soca Mafia (London) Thurs - 3pm to 6pm 
Spoil Brattz (New York) Thurs - 6pm to 9pm 
Evolution Sounds (Boston) Thurs - 9pm to 12am 
Dr Jay KOS (Toronto) Fri - 12pm to 3pm & Sun 5pm to 8pm 
Hyperactive Sounds (New York) Fri - 3pm to 5pm 
DJ Trixta (New York) Fri - 5pm to 7pm 
Versatile Soundz (New York, St Lucia) 7pm to 9pm 
Close Connections (New York) Fri - 9pm to 12am 
Mr Mention - Soca Mafia (London) Sat - 9am to 11am 
Majestic (Washington DC) Sat - 11am to 1pm 
Notorious Inc. (New York) Sat - 1pm to 4pm 
Natural Freaks (New York) Sat - 4pm to 8pm 
Jam Central (New York) Sat - 8pm to 10pm 
DJ Fatal Angles (New York) Sat - 10pm to 12pm 
D Enforcas (Toronto) Sat - 12am to 1am 
DJ Spice (New York) Sun - 12pm to 3pm 
DJ Ranger (New York) Sun - 3pm to 5pm 
DJ Tony Tempo (Atlanta) Sun - 8pm to 10pm 
Ian D Goose (New York) 10pm to 12am 
Jugglers Entertainment (Trinidad) 
DJ Back to Basics (New York) 
Foreign Bass (New York) 
DJ Stephen (Atlanta, LA) 
DJ Dorenzo (Miami) 
Black Bear Sound (Finland) 
D One (Holland)
[All times are Eastern Standard Time]

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