Hair Has A Life of It's Own ... And Grows!

The last time we had a one to one on hair was in July, when I posted about my 'Night Time Routine: The  Pineapple Method for Natural Hair.'

I'm back, partly because it's fall and truly it's the only time of year when applying heat to my hair is worth the battle. The battle is having to sit in a chair for more than an hour to have my hair either blow dried and / or flat ironed, only to have it return to POOFY or FRIZZ because of the humidity. However, in the cool Fall weather, my hair when flat ironed is perfect.  

So let's go back, prior to the xmas before I had my son, that would be Christmas 2010 when 'red hair was all the rage ... thanks to Rih Rih!' In April 2011, I wrote 'Spa  ... At Home For Less.' Here is a picture of my hair from Xmas 2010 into 2011. "Why go back?" you may ask. 'Cause I'm going to reveal all the major changes within an almost 24 month span!  

See my changes ... 

Today, I'm finally off the creamy crack ... texturizer. Forced to go clean, because I got pregnant in April 2011. 'Though, my hairline still desperately feens for a texturizer and every now and again my kinks yearn for it, I hold steadfast ignoring my inner creamy crack addiction. 'Though after baby, I just colored my hair black again!

Below, I've included a picture of my curly hair in various July to October 2012. I truly have noted that various hair products, give different end results. I appreciate my monthly hair product subscription which each month exposes me to product lines that I never would have known. So more than ever, I am a product junkie. I am forced to try just about everything within a 4 week slot because by the end, I can expect a whole new range of hair products. The question is "does that benefit my hair?"  Who knows, but I do know it has significantly made me care for my hair ( washing, plaiting, untangling, etc) unlike before. My most recent lesson too was don't give up on a product after one shot. I had an awakening when I tested one product on my dry hair, my hair hated it.  Yet, when I used the product on my damp hair, it loved it. A tamed and manageable mane, also means less likely depending on a hit of the creamy crack!

July ... it was tightly coiled, yet stretched. 
Aug ... it was simply stretched. 
Sep ... much shrinkage and wavy. 
Oct ... still damp and drying. 

So this weekend, I unintentionally got a new look.  On Thursday night, I plaited my hair into 6 plaits. By Friday morning, I un-plaited my hair and these were the results.
 That Friday evening, my neighbor spent no more than 2 and a half hours, flat ironing my hair. 
By the end, there was no denying that I needed a much needed trim.  

By Saturday ... one of the few times, I could run my fingers easily through my hair.
So I  got to styling!

By Sunday, I just unrolled ... and got this!
By Monday, I was still in shock, especially when I took this picture. Due to keeping my hair normally in a bun and pinned up, in it's natural curly state, I don't get to see it's true length until I flat iron or blow dry. It's amazing how my curly hair shrinks!

So my advice, just let your hair do it's thing. Don't stress.

On another note, especially since it's Cancer Awareness month, HAIR GROWS (BACK)! 

Some fans with long manes of the The Wendy Williams Show have been cutting their hair on live TV this month for the “Hair Drive” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to help make wigs for breast cancer patientsWhat a selfless thing to do, I think, to put yourself in someone else's shoes and give them some semblance of normalcy. I spent at least 2 Wendy William show segments, pounding that lesson into my daughter's head and "that hair does not make a person. It's about what's within." 

As life would have it, only days later, we encountered someone close to home who that very day had cut off her hair due to chemo. Apparently, as she'd touch her hair, it fell out in chunks.  ... And she's not the only person to cut off all their hair to chemo treatments, I have a male friend who also cut off all his locks for chemo a few weeks ago. Daily, he takes his friends on Facebook through the journey of chemo. I admire both their strength to face each day, willing to fight to see more days ahead! 

Too many times, women identify only with and attach beauty to their hair, as if it were the only thing to stand on. I don't have that relationship with my hair. I love it either long or short. Over 15 years ago, my husband first met me in college when I had a boy cut. I eventually stopped going to the hair salon and would go to the same barber as him. I have done that short look about two times in my life. I also just cut off my hair, most recently in the New Year of 2009, 'The New Look: Fierce.' In fact, I was letting my hair grow out, since that last big chop!

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