Spa ... At Home for Less!

Earlier this year, I did say I was going to spa myself to luxury in 2011. Certainly, I can't afford weekly visits to any spa, and quite frankly I'm just not that kind of girl. Yet, I am investing in bringing the spa experience into my home.  And thinking back, I've always done my own pedicures, thanks to my foot spa!

When it comes to my hair. All my bright ideas ... are done at home!  I can't even exclude cutting cause I have taken a scissors to my hair too, chopping off inches of relaxed hair. And if you've been here long enough, you know all about my hair changes in late 2008. So I am trying to steer my mind away from the clippers, since seeing all these side shaved heads which has grown on me.  *Zzzzzz*

So I am no stranger to at home hair coloring. Since November, I have colored my hair 4 times already.  Over the thanksgiving/christmas holiday season, I colored my hair 3 times trying to get it red, like eventually bright enough red!  That's 3 coloring sessions over a 4 week period! ... And  before Trinidad Carnival, I colored again with honey blond. With my hair, really with  my mood ... anything goes! Here are all my colors since November 2010. I've even numbered in chronological order. 10 being my most recent. BTW ... I like black roots and I never color the back of my head!
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With all the coloring, my hair needed a much needed steam treatment.  Rather than to schedule a hair appointment, I went the unconventional route, to Youtube. ...And thanks to the following ladies, I purchased the Huetiful Hair and Facial Steamer.

So this is me lately, getting my at home spa on. First picture, totally playing gangster .
... And I always have a libation.  Talk about VIP!
(reading Caribbean Fresh)

... And the steamer was all going extremely well, until This That Beauty, a young lady I met at the IMAN Cosmetics event last year reviewed the Bliss Pore Fector gadget.  Instantly, I had a wish list and it wasn't even christmas.  Well, $185 is a hefty price tag but I was able to bid on one for a lot less on Ebay.  Amen. Currently using, so maybe I'll review later. But hey, a woman's got to do, what a woman's got to do to stay youthful!  LOL!

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: bliss pore fector gadget

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