Here Comes the Bride ... & Groom!

So much LIVING has happened while I've been on hiatus from blogging but one thing's for certain, I live to meet people (the world over)! ... And in 2012 (only days away from ending), while old friendships seem like distant flickering lights in the wind, I am constantly illuminated by new friendships which simply appear from beyond the horizon.  

I met the following couple during a NYC trip to the Wendy Williams Show, earlier this year ... and I could not have asked for two nicer people in the 4 to 6 hours which we spent together. I just had to steal a couple of pics from their recent wedding album and was fortunate to get captions when the bride reposted a few of her favorites.

Their wedding pics are everything. It's everything a wedding should be. Just between 2. Intimate. ... And once again, took me on a trip down memory lane. My very own wedding (over a decade ago). ... And though, I later regretted not wearing a white bridal dress cause I opted for a pair of blue jeans and a white top, of course, Ama (the bride) went in a direction which made her like no other usual bride. ... And I love that! 

Just search this blog for "The Practical Bride" and you will realize that I encourage being a sensible bride. Here is a bit of my advice on why every modern woman should be just that ... THE PRACTICAL BRIDE.

This bride switches her style on the daily (she gives me everything. LOL!) and was even noticed and complimented at Rihanna's Listening party for her new Album titled "Unapologetic" by BAD GAL RIRI herself. Read all about the experience here and see the outfit which got Ri's attention.

AWWW I love this man of mine 

My husband and I ... I freakin love this pic 

♥ this one 

 He was talking to my dad. *tear*

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