UNITED Hemispheres - Three Perfect Days: Trinidad & Tobago

In this month's December issue of the UNITED Airlines inflight magazine United Hemispheres, Hemispheres editor-at-large Sam Polcer develops a taste for limin', soca, doubles and, pictured below, bake & shark (which Andrew Zimmerman once described as "the best fish sandwich I've ever eaten") in Three Perfect Days: Trinidad & Tobago.

The writer, Mr.Polcer quotes St.Lucian poet, Derek Walcott in the first few lines of his article on Trinidad & Tobago. Derek Walcott is also one of two Nobel Laureates from my island of St.Lucia. Even President Obama has been seen reading work by Derek Walcott.

"WHEN CONFRONTED WITH THE BEAUTY OF THE CARIBBEAN, said the poet Derek Walcott, “the sigh of History dissolves.” This may be especially true of Trinidad and Tobago, the dual-island nation in which Walcott has spent much of his adult life, and which possesses such an abundance of natural splendor it’s a wonder anyone here can recall what they did yesterday."

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