St.Lucian Models Heading to LA Fashion Week

Congratulations to the following Saint Lucian models chosen to walk the catwalk for the third annual Caribbean International Fashion Week (CIFW), an event intended to promote Caribbean fashion designers during LA Fashion Week, October 12, 2013 in Los Angeles, California: Tara Marty Carla EdwardLisa-Marie Faustin Amy BrownKurzelle AlbertTangie MarlaJeannel ThomasCleopatra Aziza Mason and Tresher Prescot.

The models are signed to Divine Modeling Agency (DMA) founded by Carlene Ettingshausen in 2007. The agency has built a strong international alliance with partners in the UK, Jamaica, France, Germany, and in the USA. 

In May, the models underwent 6 weeks of intensive training with St.Lucian-Parisian Celebrity Vincent McDoom and participated in the Hot Couture fashion show organized by the St. Lucian Tourist Board in St. Lucia under McDoom's art directorship.

"Congratulations to SLU Models EliteFrank Ettingshausen (Divine Modeling Agency) you did a great job with my babies and I am proud of you guys. I know now you have what it takes to meet the international standards. Hot Couture prepared you guys for this moment." - St.Lucian Parisian Celebrity, Vincent McDoom.


  1. Glad to see that finally our local models are getting a chance to shine on the big stage. Hopefully they can go even further