Saint Lucia Jounen Kwéyòl Mix 2013

Hello. I've been missing in action on this blog. Yet, I am making a reappearance today. 

On Saturday, I am hosting a Jounen Kwéyòl party with friends. This is a first! LOL. 

Jounen Kwéyòl (Creole Day) is a Saint Lucian festival that celebrates Creole culture. It is held on the last Sunday of October across the entire island, and has been held annually since 1984. 

What makes hosting my own creole party all worth it, is that I get to celebrate our culture with my St.Lucian, Martiniquan and Hispanic friends. ... And I suppose my confidence in my ability to cook local Saint Lucian foods has encouraged me to celebrate the festival even if I am in some distant place away from home. 

Apart from my creole food menu (float, accra, creole bread, callaloo and steamed fish ...  think a Sunday lunch) my friends are each bringing a dish too. And my Martiniquan friend is making a white rum Planter's punch. I left the dessert to my Hispanic friend but I am considering to make fudge too! LOL. I am also making madras accessories for my guests. LOL!  

In the past, I've posted pictures of Jounen Kweyol foods (great ideas if you can't figure out how to move forward) prepared by Saint Lucians during this festival. 

Today, I am sharing some music to move your waist ... Lucian Kwéyòl Style! Enjoy.

Saint Lucia Jounen Kwéyòl Mix 2013 - DJ Socaholic Prodz

... And of course, this favorite:

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