St.Lucia Carnival 2014: Red Unlimited Costume Launch

Last weekend, I was in Jamaica for their carnival, and missed the Just 4 Fun "What Lies Within" costume launch. Due to the early released Just 4 Fun costume teaser video, I noticed the difference, a great improvement in costume design from previous years. So the morning after their band launch, Just 4 Fun gave me an *eye opener* and received a "WOOPIE" from me. It was LOVE. Here are my Just 4 Fun Favorites.

I have happily jumped in both bands (unlike plenty folks who consider that a cardinal sin), RED for their sexy costumes and J4F for their vibe. So dare I say it? Today is the morning after Red Unlimited "10 Shades of Red" and I have seen pictures of their 10 costumes, but this is the very first year that Just 4 Fun costumes take the win over RED Unlimited costumes in design, variety and even color combinations. 

... And while I like RED's EXPECTATION costume, most of the 10 sections are as one friend put it "decorated skimpy panties." I have to agree. Those daring panties exclude two types of women, those who just can't pull off the racy panties and those who just may not be comfortable exposing as much. One thing is for certain for this 10th year anniversary, RED Unlimited is demanding that their revelers make a 10 UP LOUD statement ... BRING THE SEXINESS!

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